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Discover the art of exceptional coffee with Swayy.

We bring you expertly roasted coffee beans that promise rich flavours and a smooth finish.

Explore our diverse range of coffees and teas, from bold espressos to soothing green teas.

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How it works...

  1. Raw, green coffee beans are sourced from farms all over the world.

  2. The beans are roasted to the desired level, using a convection which utilises hot air to roast the beans.

  3. The beans cool in the same machine to give a balanced flavour throughout.

  4. They go into a resting phase to off-gas the CO2 produced during the roasting stage.

  5. The beans are packaged and shipped straight to your door, ready to use!


Ethically sourced coffee. Roasted and rested. Delicious and inviting.

All our coffee is roasted from green beans only. There are no additives.


Don't forget the tea! We have a delightful selection of teas from across the globe. Loose leaf or bagged up, we have the one for you!

Cocoa powder

Who doesn't love this sweet treat? Perfect for a silky smooth hot chocolate or mocha!

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